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1st, 3rd, and 5th SUNDAYS of
EACH Month

Gates open @ 9am

General Admission

Includes: All-day play, All-day air, with own equipment.


Rental Package

General Admission - all-day play/air
gun, air tank, barrel bag, 500 paintballs

Upgrade to the EMEK for an additional $20.00


Individual Equipment Rentals

Standard Marker (gun) $25.00
Emek Marker $30
Airtank $10.00
Barrel Bag $1.00
Barrel Bag Purchase $5
Masks may be Rented for $15 or
Masks are available for purchase for $30.00

Scenario Games

We run Scenario Games thru out the Year, from our first game, The Battle of Hoth, in February, all the way to December with our Bad Santa seasonal game.
With Big Scenario games happening almost every month, there is always something happening at A*P*E

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2021 began A*P*E's journey into the World of MagFed Paintball. MagFed is a type of paintball marker that uses magazines to feed the paintballs into the marker instead of traditional hoppers. Although we allow their use at all of our scenario games and open play, FSR (First Strike Rounds) are only allowed during MagFed only Games. Here at A*P*E we host MagFed ONLY Scenarios and Meet-Ups.

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General Paintball Rules

***12 years Old MINIMUM***

280 FPS

Full Auto/Semi Auto/Ramp

10.5 BPS or slower

Full Face protection required

15-foot surrender rule
***Barrel Tags are allowed

Barrel Bags are MANDATORY

FSR allowed with 40yd engagement

Bring Your Own Paint or Buy Ours

Field Paint Only With Rentals

Smoke Grenades and Noise Distractors allowed with Ref approval

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