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3167 Hwy 20, Nassau, NY 12123, United States

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When are you open?

We are generally open for open play, the 1st, 3rd & 5th weekends of the month. Airsoft on Saturdays and Paintball on Sundays, from 10 am - 4 pm. For the months of September and October we are open every weekend. Private groups of 10 or more people can be booked for any day of the month.

How old do you have to be?

The minimum age at our field is 12 years old. That being said, all ages are welcome. We have even had an 82 year old grandmother come play with her grandchildren. Talk about making memories!!!

Does it hurt?

Yes, getting hit with a paintball can hurt, so can getting hit with a stick. Remember playing as a kid and hitting each other with sticks? NO, you don't remember, I'm sorry, but really that's about as bad as it gets. If it really hurt we wouldn't have been playing for over 25 years.

Can I buy paint?

Yes. We are the ONLY BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint) field in the area, but we will always have paint for sale. We carry Valken paint, usually Graffiti in the summer and New World in the winter. Usually for $60 per case of 2000rnds, or $20 for a bag of 500. Those renting our equipment are required to use FIELD PAINT ONLY. the reason for this is that there is some low quality paint out there, and we want you to have the best Experience possible.

What can I expect?

Paintball and Airsoft are physical sports, and as such, be prepared to get your heart rate up! Running, crawling, sliding and diving could happen if you let them. You can walk if ya like...but slower targets are easy targets. If you can dodge a still probably can't dodge a paintball.

What should I wear?

We are open all year, and play through most weather. It's an outdoor field. Dress accordingly. Wear clothes that you don't kind getting dirty, the paint, dirt and mud washes out, the memories last a lot longer. We recommend a type of hiking boot or something with ankle support. Running shoes are the next best option.

Do I need experience?

Not at all, we want to see more people enjoying the sport. We try our best to even out teams between those with and without experience. Games are designed with different abilities in mind.

What if my equipment breaks down?

Our staff and the other players are always helping others, just ask and we will see what we can do. If all else fails, we have rentals available if needed.

How do I get a season pass?

Just ask us and depending on the time of year we can let you know if there are any still available. We do an early bird special in late November early December

What's a "Special Event"?

Special Events are theme based scenarios, that usually bring in players from outside of the area. There are multiple missions throughout the course of the day with main Generals for each team. These are open to all experience levels and are a great way to look into the paintball lifestyle.

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